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About Fiamma

I am Fiamma, half Italian half German, but most importantly I am myself, I simply am. I am a whole made of diverse facets and heart connections, energetic frequencies, and colorful soul vibes, here to share my love, light and fire with joy, peace and authenticity. I am a clinical psychologist, humanitarian, soundspirator and a world citizen. In my Holistic Coaching & Sound Healing practice I inspire people to create the life they desire and serve war survivors and refugees, like families and their children in Afghanistan, through sound therapy. I bring loving care, peace and empathy from my life experiences, multi-cultural exposures and healing work into my practice and combine it with rigorous research which I engaged with at Harvard, Columbia and LSE.

I create a safe space to just be and accompany my clients to walk their authentic path with inspiration, confidence, and purpose, to connect and align to their intuitive soul sound, to speak their truth and to develop a creative possibility mindset for a life they truly desire in which their heart blossoms and their soul flourishes in flow.

Known From

BeYOUtiful Facts

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Mental Health & Psychosocial Support and Child Protection in Emergencies Specialist at UNICEF, specialized in armed conflict and mental health and psychosocial support

Sound Therapy Certification, Institute of Traditional Medicine

Sound Therapy, Therapy Approaches, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Quantum Physics, Trauma-informed care, Meridian System, Cymatics, Neuroscience, Neurobiology, Neuroacoustics, Biophotonics, Soundscape architecture

BA European Studies, King’s College London, London School of Economics

Politics, History, Economics, Philosophy, Spanish

MA Clinical Psychology, Columbia University

Global Mental Health, Neuroscience, Resilience, Trauma, Positive Psychology, Psychotherapies (adults & children), Developmental Psychology of Children

Healing and Breath Work

Priestess Training & Initiation, Kate Murphy; Breath Work, Avery Whitmore

Couples Therapy, Positive Parenting, Gottman Institute

Level 1 & 2, Clinical training, clinical foundations, assessment, intervention, co-morbidities & bridging the couple chasm; treating affairs & trauma, helping couples heal and rebuild trust; emotion coaching, emotionally responsive parenting to create emotionally intelligent children

MA Education Policy & Management, Harvard University

HGSE: Developmental Psychology of Children, International Education Policy, & Management

H Business School: Teamwork & Business Management

H Kennedy School of Government: Leadership, Business Management

Musician, Volkwang Music School 

Piano, classically trained from age 5; Singing; Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls; Didgeridoo

Massage Therapy

International SPA Academy BALI BISA, Bali, Indonesia


I am the WOMXN I am today because: I was allowed to be myself

to TRUST wholeheartedly to feel STRONG, assertive, voice my thoughts, concerns, fears and DREAMS, to be weak, VULNERABLE, indecisive, to feel insecure and to talk about what was going on inside me, to go with the flow, to EXPLORE without a set goal but with a straight forward HEART, with INSPIRATION, zest for life and curiosity for the world and people in it, to be extraordinary and ordinary at the same time, to go against the rules and to follow rules, to face myself with honesty and COURAGE, to be proud of myself and to allow myself to be who I am and want to be, to learn about, feel & give UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, COMMITMENT, courage, values and how to support others whenever I can. I learned how to appreciate the little things in life and to be GRATEFUL for every little moment that happens in my life. I was allowed to be independent, make mistakes, fail, be a version of myself I didn’t like and to lean on a shoulder if I needed to. 


I was allowed to hurt, to be forgiven and learn how to FORGIVE, to be alone and to be in family, to be in full action and in observation, to BELONG and give belonging, to give and have HOPE, to CONNECT and find MEANING, to have support, to live and receive unconditional love and loyalty from my family and friends no matter what and for who I am, for nothing more and nothing less and at the same time to be free to discover the world, the core of my being and my evolving IDENTITY on my own. My imperfections make me perfectly 'me'.


I was expected to give my best if that was possible and if not to accept myself the way I am, to go my way and to let people talk, trying to hurt as little as possible, if I did, to stand up for it, face it and take kind responsibility - I was expected to be myself.

I try to live my life as fully and presently as possible, aware and conscious, filled with joy, LOVE and COMPASSION, HAPPINESS, deep relaxation, patience, EMPATHY, AUTHENTICITY and FLOW. I know that no one is like me, I am a UNIQUE gem in this world, just as everyone else, I am an active change agent in my life and the LEAD of the path I chose to take, I am myself, I am me, no one is me and that’s my superpower, which enables me to be the best, authentic version of MYSELF. 


My humanitarian self 

has worked over 20 years in indigenous community development and is a Child Protection in Emergencies Specialist focusing on armed and post conflict settings (such as Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guatemala, Mali, Nigeria, Philippines, South Sudan, among others) and mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) at UNICEF. I am a clinical psychologist and have worked with children, youth and adults. I have worked many years for UNICEF at global and country office level, for The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action, and various NGOs in Africa, Latin America, Middle East, South East Asia and the US. My work in armed conflict included negotiating with armed groups and armed forces to release children from their ranks and reintegrate them into civilian life, reporting on the 6 grave violations to the UN Security CouncilMHPSS, and juvenile rehabilitation centers for children associated with armed forces and armed groups. At 19 I went to Guatemala and worked with indigenous communities and founded an NGO, called Secure Perspectives International, at age 21, which is still serving indigenous Maya children and their families (in the areas of education, health/ mental health, and community development).

My wellness self 

has been developing since I was a child. I was trained in meditation and martial arts for over 20 years since I was a child, have been swimming since I saw the beautiful light of this earth, passed my exam in Balinese and Swedish massage at the International SPA Academy in Bali, and have worked with sound healing, brain wave meditation, stress management, relaxation techniques, energy healing and breath work throughout different periods in my life. I have lived with and learned from indigenous populations experiencing a different level of spirituality and life in its purest form without electricity and water, which makes me cherish everything I have on a whole different, minuscule level. I immersed myself in the journey of the spiritual priestess training and initiation, a beautiful way of exploring the divine feminine and masculine inside myself. Water and fire are my elements that give me inspiration, hope and comfort and whenever I can, I hold my face into the wind to feel the playful touch of an invisible force.

My Explorer Self.png

My explorer self 

does not only have a radiant flame inside me that expresses my overflowing zest for life but also a passion for lifelong learning. This drive of curiosity and excitement for any positive energy source for my mind, body and soul keeps me open to explore what I still don’t know. I started my first independently chosen education on a path of Liberal Arts at Bard College in philosophy, politics, music and art. At King’s College London and the London School of Economics (LSE) I explored European Politics, History and Economics. For my Masters, At Harvard, I dove deep into international education policy and management and developmental psychology for children at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, business and financial strategies, communication, team dynamics and leadership from Harvard Business school and the Kennedy School of Government. At Columbia University I did clinical psychology focusing on different psychotherapies (families, children, individuals), neuroscience, resilience, grief, loss and trauma, positive psychology, and developmental psychology of children in adversities. I did the clinical training for couple therapy with the Gottman Institute, level 1 & 2, clinical foundations, assessment, intervention, co-morbidities & bridging the couple chasm, and treating affairs, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, helping couples heal and rebuild trust, as well as emotion coaching, emotionally responsive (positive) parenting.

My entrepreneurial & artistic self 

I left home to explore the world since I was young (age 3 within a city telling a shop keeper not to worry that my mom would come to find me soon); independently from 15 onwards, this time I let my parents know beforehand ;-). This was an age where social media and communication apps were not a thing and instead, I wrote handwritten letters and recorded audio cassettes to send my love over the ocean to the people I love. I play music since I was little. At 5 years I started to get trained in classical piano and soon wrote my own songs with and without lyrics. I started to improvise, letting my own music flow to tell a story. I sing, compose, play the didgeridoo, Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and DJed in different locations around the globe including Afghanistan and in Mali in a club. At 21 I founded my NGO in Guatemala, at 26 co-founded an educational Foundation, at 28 I was CEO and founder of a catering company serving tailored and unique creations for executive meetings of Fortune 500 clients, and birthed many other adventures into this world. BeYOUtiful VITA is one of them - a safe space and home for everyone - enriched with many beautiful and beautifully challenging experiences and wisdoms that have made me the womxn I am today and inform my view of the world, where all feelings and situations are allowed to co-exist and are welcome to be dealt with, accepted, and let go at one’s own pace.

My Entrepreneurial Self.png
“Fiamma’s sound bath is a deeply relaxing experience. The sound waves of her crystal singing bowls seem to physically wash over you. I also participated in her Soul SPA workshop, which is the complete package as it contains elements of coaching, self-reflection, and self-care next to the sound bath. It was a beautiful experience that I can absolutely recommend!” 


“Fiamma’s Soul SPA is the perfect nightcap to relieve stress at the end of a workday! From the soundbath, to the meditation, journaling and guided self-massage, Fiamma took us on a beautiful mindfulness journey that will stay with me for weeks to come.


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